1988- E.Com was established
Researching projects in Pakistan , Saudia Arabia and Lybia
Responsible for a project in Eritrea

Clients and Projects has worked with an array of clients on a local and international level, in varying sectors that extend from the hospitality sector, namely, hotels, touristic villages, and Nile-cruises, to hospitals, contractors, factories, and private home and yacht users.

Within the hospitality sector, E.Com has operated with 100 hotels and touristic villages, which included the Hilton, Sheraton, Movenpick, the Marriot, plus the Meridien, Hilton, and Oberoi Nile Cruises.

E.Com has also worked with many hospitals similar to Dar al-Fouad and the Armed Forces Hospital and 60 factories.

E.Com’s client list is not just limited to Egypt, work is underway in Eritrea and research is being done for projects in Pakistan , Saudi Arabia , Middle East and Africa.

Additionally, E. Com has worked on a pioneer world-project, which is an interactive TV-system which includes video-on demand and internet services. This is the first one to be executed in Africa and Asia.

List of Clients

Dream Land

A detailed list is available upon request.

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